Wisdom and Executive Functions: A neuropsychological Perspective


  • Moh'd Shoqeirat


This study aims to investigate the relationship between executive functions of the brain and wisdom from a neuropsychological perspective. The sample consisted of (343) subjects (77 males and 266 females) with an average age of (25.37 years). The San Diego Wisdom Scale and the Index of Executive Functions were used. The results showed that the performance on both scales was toward the higher score, and no differences between the two sexes in wisdom, however, female were better in prosocial behaviour and insight. Females were better in executive functions and in empathy and impulse control, a component of executive functions. The results showed a positive correlation between wisdom and executive functions but not significant and the same results go for wisdom and age. Finally, there was a significant correlation between age and executive functions. The results were explained in accordance with the neuropsychology of prefrontal cortex functions..




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