Chemical Composition of Flesh and Fat Extract of some Marine and Fresh Water Fishes from Syrian Waters


  • Walid Alkhalaf Al-Furat Universirty
  • Rawa Khreit Al-Furat Universirty


The research aims to study the chemical composition of the edible part in some species of river and sea fish. the studyincluded two types of river fish; Silurus triostegu and Cyprinus caprio, and two types of marine fish; Sparus aurata and Latescalcarifer. The edible parts of each type was divided into two parts: the first part was used in estimating the percentages of moisture, fat and protein, while fat has been extracted from the second section to study their chemical properties. The results showed that the chemical composition of fish meat varies depending on the species of fish; where fat percentage of fat Sparus aurata was 20.71% compared to10.26%, 9.61% and 2.02% in Silurus triostegu, Lates calcarifer and Cyprinus caprio, respectively. The high fat percentage in Sparus aurata was associated with low moisture (62.99%). The protein percentages in Lates calcariferand (Cyprinus caprio) were 21.41 and 20.2% were higher than that of Silurus triostegu (17.73) and Sparus aurata (15.46%). The total energy generated by one gram of Sparus aurata and Lates calcarifer meats were 11.81 and 9.07 kJ / g. The results also showed that the fat Lates calcariferand Sparus aurata had high iodine number (133.9, 106.2 gr I/ 100 gr, respectively) and the fat of Silurus triostegu and (Cyprinus caprio had low iodine number (85.2 and 81.36 gr I / 100 gr, respectively ).