Equine Diseases and Welfare in Jordan: A Retrospective Study (1261 cases)


  • Sameeh Abutarbush Jordan University of Science and Technology
  • Dirar Alqawasmeh Jordan University of Science and Technology
  • Zain Shaheen Jordan University of Science and Technology
  • Sarah Anani Jordan University of Science and Technology
  • Margaret Ledger The Humane Center For Animal Welfare


This study explores equine health problems and welfare issues encountered in Jordan. The medical records of equine patients presented to the humane center for animal welfare over 3 years were reviewed. A total of 1261 equine cases met the criteria were included in the study. There were 1173 (93%) horses, 74(5.9%) donkeys and 12 (1%) mules. Most cases were presented for problems related to musculoskeletal (30.2%), integumentary (20.7%), and alimentary (19.6%) system. There were 876 (69.5%) inpatients and 349 (27.7%) outpatient cases. The duration of staying at the hospital ranged from 1 to 141 days according to the severity of the case. There were 29 cases treated surgically and 1232 cases treated medically. Most cases were discharged while 37 (2.9%) cases were humanely euthanized and 84 (6.7%) cases died. This study reports some overrepresented health problems and reflects equine welfare status in Jordan.