Tolerance to Lime Induced Iron-Chlorosis in some Selected Quince Genotypes


  • Mitra Mirabdulbaghi
  • S. Musavi


This study was conducted to evaluate the tolerance of 28 selected quince genotypes from Isfehan and Guilan provinces of Iran to lime induced iron chlorosis when grown in different soil lime. Tests were done over two years (2014 – 2015). The experiment was laid out in a RCBD with split plot arrangement at Kamalabad Research Station in Karaj/Iran. The main plot treatments included five levels of soil lime (13%, 14%, 15%, 16% and 18%) and sub plot was including 28 quince genotypes. In the present study cluster analysis was derived from all studied parameters over two studied years and finally the genotypes were categorized under 3 groups. The results showed that we can introduce the 3rd group genotype (including KVD2, KVD3, Moghavem1, Moghavem2 Gardan dar, Behtorsh, Oghafespehan, NB2, NB3, KM1, ASP1, SVS1, ASM2, ASM3, and NB4) as those genotypes which are resistant to high lime soil levels.