The Presence of Tradition in the Stories of Miflih Al Adwan


  • Mahmoud Alqedah


This research aims to study the presence of heritage in the stories of the Miflih Al Adwan , with the distinctive presence of these stories on the literary scene in Jordan, so that it shows the relationship between the heritage and the art of short story in the story of Al Adwan and shows the impact of heritage in the artistic fabric of these stories, and has become the presence of heritage and its employment in the stories of Al Adwan a literary phenomenon wide presence worth studying, as the storyteller reshapes his material with a new vision in which he went beyond the stage of traditional simple storytelling to a new stage in which he resorted to Writing in new ways, the study revealed the benefit of the storyteller Al Adwan from various heritage sources, as well as his vision and philosophy in heritage inspiration, and his method of employing heritage material in his story production. The study adopted the artistic approach of confronting the literary text with artistic rules and assets, relying on self-influence that enables the sense of the power and beauty of texts, and relying on objective elements and artistic origins independent itself.




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