"Reading in the Mutanabi Epidemic: Technical Image Shifts


  • Hussain Al-Btoush


"Reading in the Mutanabi Epidemic: Technical Image Shifts"This research is carried out by the reading of Abi Attayeb Al-Mutanabi's "Mona", a lyrical poem characterized by its artistic and objective levels, as well as the aesthetics of the transformations of the artistic image from one form to another on the level of the ego and the other and its motivations and implications which are a clear and striking manifestation that inspires the recipient to the depth of human experience. The hope that these transformations have taken place is a special one that has been sent to the Supreme Highness despite the outbreak of despair in its concern and the quagmire of the achievement of its vengeance, which continues to seek praise for the other - though it appears to be otherwise - that which did not fully correspond to its vision as well as false appointments. The study concluded that the transformations of the image have a clear effect on the richness of the lyrical and aesthetic text, reflecting the transformations of the image of the ego following the spatial transformation based on the value change of the leadership from Aleppo (the Arabs/ Saif al-Dawla/similar to the ego) to Egypt (Foreigners/Kafoor al-Ikhchidi/anti-ego).




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