Symbolism Signs of Compatibility and Harmony in the Interior Design Housing


  • Mutasem Azmi ِAl-karablieh


The interior space of the dwelling with its visual properties and its semantic and expressive characteristics is the focus of this study, which seeks to study these properties and follow them based on the relationship of form with the sense and its association with human existence. Within this framework, and within the framework of the spatial and virtual relations of the dwelling, the idea of the dwelling itself, considering that the contents of the dwelling is a set of spatial relations that are linked to my body as the carrier of these relations, which are formed in consciousness through its movement between the interior blocks and spaces of the dwelling. Therefore, what we see in front of us is really what we think about, which gives us a sense of surprise and harmony and explains the close relationship between the visible and the invisible in the things around us. The sense of place is not abstract; It has a philosophical deep content. Therefore, this phenomenological study investigates the reality of its symbolism and meanings and seeks to investigate the interaction between the housing space and the human element all the way through the interior space design. This study concluded that the housing space has a spiritual, nostalgic as well as a subjective component of the visual elements. The scene of familiarity is not only made by nostalgic memories. It might be made through phenomenological construction. Therefore, the good interior design will create a harmony among the housing elements of the living space, which creates this familiarity.



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