The Jordanian Political System: Awareness and the Response (1999-2018)


  • Mohamad Alkatatsheh
  • Raya Al-Silwani


This study aims to reveal the extent of the awareness and response in the Jordanian political system through four chapters, first chapter addressed political system in the Arabic thought, and the second chapter dealt with the Jordanian political system, while chapter three tackled the Jordanian political system and state of awareness and the response abilities. Chapter four addressed the objections and the Jordanian political system response, and then the study ended with conclusion, results and recommendations. The study applied the descriptive analytical method, case study method, and the comparative method. The study reached a number of results, the most prominent are: 1- Political systems have been established since the old years to organize the state’s institutions, and setting a constitution for them, distributing the public authorities and showing the individuals’ loyalty and belongings to the system. 2- The presence of a high level of awareness between the individuals creates clear response from them toward the existing political systems. 3- The presence of several pillars upon which the Jordanian political system has been established including the existing of parliamentary democratic system, the Hashemite Royal system, national unity, executive authority, protecting the individuals freedoms, press freedom and information medias. The study recommended the necessity for conducting more studies to know the influencing internal and external factors on the Arabic political systems.



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